Chat Help

For chat, you need to log into the Multimedia Chat.  This is the same as logging into the Voice Multimedia Server….

You can go to to log into and download the client

Now you will need to be logged into the ACR Agent Desktop.  The default login is:  username(Ext Number).

EX: furrerm(7215942)


Once logged in, your icons need to be green to show you are logged in…




If you are not logged into the agent desktop….the chat icon at the bottom of the page will show that there are no logged in agents….


And if you click on it, you can send an email



Once you are someone are logged in, the widget changes to show someone is available, and logged into the queue


And now if you click on it,



Now you can enter your name to chat…


You are tehn added to the queue



And able to chat with an agent…(Customer View)


Agent View:


If you click on the bottom left menu icon, you can have some additional experiences…transfer etc…


You can also enter an Account Code in the upper portion.


Now you can look at “Cradle to Grave” to see the interaction…


The customer would also have the option to save the chat session…