Voice Help

You can call into the ACR Menu, by dialing *9996 on an internal phone, or 408-721-5951 from the outside.

That brings you to an AA menu in VM Pro.  “Press 1 for “Sales” and “Press 2 for Support”.  Either choice will transfer you into the ACR Multimedia Skill for “Sales” or “Support” respectively.

You can go to acr.mmipoffice.com to log into and download the client.  If you want to use the WebRTC client, you must use:  ccagent.mmipoffice.com

Now you will need to be logged into the ACR Agent Desktop.  The default login is:  username(Ext Number).

EX: furrerm(7215942)


Once logged in, your icons need to be green to show you are logged in…



Now calls will ring into whichever skill you are logged into.


If no agents are available, you will hear music on hold.

At 15 seconds you will hear you will hear the estimated wait time, which will repeat every 15 seconds….

At 45 seconds you will be asked if you would like a “Queued Call Back” (QCB).  You can request a QCB and define your number.