Sample Reports

ACR Default Report Templates

Standard Reports: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Avaya Call Reporting offers over 50 standard reports to create visibility and efficiency. Cradle to grave reporting can validate each inbound, outbound and internal call from start to finish.

Custom Reports: With Custom Reports you can create original reports and edit or customize existing reports. Reports can be defined by you, making Avaya Call Reporting fit into your business without having to adjust your daily routines. Reports can be tailored and branded to fit your unique business requirements.


911 Calls 3

Abandoned Calls 3

Account Code Summary 4

Agent Call Cost 4

Agent Call Summary 5

Agent Calls 5

Agent Call Summary 6

Agent Call Volume 6

Agent Event Summary 7

Agent Inbound Calls 7

Agent Inbound Summary 8

Agent Outbound Calls 8

Agent Outbound Summary 9

Agent Performance Summary 9

Agent Realtime Feature Trace 10

Agent Reason Code Trace 10

Agent Scorecard Summary 11

Agent Summary by Group 11

Agent Talking Summary 12

Agent Time Card 12

Agent Transfer Summary 13

Basic System Totals 13

Callback Details 14

Call Details 14

Call Details (Basic) 15

Call Direction Summary 15

Calls by Account Code 16

Calls by Call Direction 16

Calls by Call Direction (New) 17

Calls by Caller ID 17

Calls by Campaign 18

Calls by External Party 18

Campaign Summary 19

Conference Calls 19

Emergency Calls 20

Event Sequence Call List 20

Event Sequence Calls by Agent 21

Excessive {Event Type} by Agent 21

Excessive {Event Type} by Group 22

External Number Summary 22

Group Abandoned Calls 23

Group Event Summary 23

Group Presented Calls 24

Group Scorecard Summary 24

Group Summary 25

Group Summary by Agent 25

Inbound Caller ID Summary 26

Inbound Call Performance 27

Inbound Calls by Local Number 27

Inbound Call Service Level 28

Inbound Call Summary 28

Local Number Inbound Summary 29

Lost Call Summary 29

Outbound Calls by External Party 30

Outbound Call Summary 30

QCB Port Utilization 31

Queued Calls by Group 31

Queued Call Volume 32

Queue Summary by Group 32

Roles Call Cost 33

Roles Call Cost Summary 33

Scores by Agent 34

Scores by Group 34

Skill Queue Callback Summary 35

Skill Queue Call Volume 35

Tag Summary 36

Trunk Usage by Time 36

Trunk Usage Summary 37

911 Calls

Abandoned Calls

Account Code Summary

Agent Call Cost

Agent Call Summary

Agent Calls

Agent Call Summary

Agent Call Volume

Agent Event Summary

Agent Inbound Calls

Agent Inbound Summary

Agent Outbound Calls

Agent Outbound Summary

Agent Performance Summary

Agent Realtime Feature Trace

Agent Reason Code Trace

Agent Scorecard Summary

Agent Summary by Group

Agent Talking Summary

Agent Time Card

Agent Transfer Summary

Basic System Totals

Callback Details

Call Details

Call Details (Basic)

Call Direction Summary

Calls by Account Code

Calls by Call Direction

Calls by Call Direction (New)

Calls by Caller ID

Calls by Campaign

Calls by External Party

Campaign Summary

Conference Calls

Emergency Calls

Event Sequence Call List

Event Sequence Calls by Agent

Excessive {Event Type} by Agent

Excessive {Event Type} by Group

External Number Summary

Group Abandoned Calls

Group Event Summary

Group Presented Calls

Group Scorecard Summary

Group Summary

Group Summary by Agent

Inbound Caller ID Summary

Inbound Call Performance

Inbound Calls by Local Number

Inbound Call Service Level

Inbound Call Summary

Local Number Inbound Summary

Lost Call Summary

Outbound Calls by External Party

Outbound Call Summary

QCB Port Utilization

Queued Calls by Group

Queued Call Volume

Queue Summary by Group

Roles Call Cost

Roles Call Cost Summary

Scores by Agent

Scores by Group

Skill Queue Callback Summary

Skill Queue Call Volume

Tag Summary

Trunk Usage by Time

Trunk Usage Summary